Ordering Guidelines

The accuracy of order processing and ease of communication is enhanced when using our terminology. Please understand the following information before ordering or be sure to ask for clarification.

  • All measurements are Width by Height (W x H), including drawers.
  • All prices, except option charges, are per square foot (sq. ft.) and computed to the nearest hundredth of an inch.
  • DOOR SIZE: When you order Door Size, the size you order is the size we manufacture.
  • OPENING SIZE: When you order Opening Size we add 1” to the width and height, except on lipped doors we add 1/2” to the width and height.
  • PAIRS: Whether you give us Door Size or Opening Size on a pair, we will split the width in half and manufacture 2 doors for that opening. For example: If you order one (1) pair at Door Size 26” wide, you will receive 2 doors 13” wide. If you order one (1) pair at Opening Size 26” wide, you will receive 2 doors 13 1/2” wide.
  • Doors are available with arched rail on bottom (Double Arched optional charges apply).
  • If you require a special color or grain; you must supply a sample and make note of your requirements at the time of ordering. Even though tremendous care will be taken to match color or grain, please remember that wood is a natural product and it is not always possible to achieve an exact match. Special color or grain may result in an additional fee.
  • Wainscot panels and doors with additional stiles or rails are available.
  • Glass doors are routed to accept 1/8” glass, single pane only. Rubber glass stops will be provided. Wood glass stops may be requested (additional charge).
  • Cope-n-Stick doors 48” and over will have a straight center rail installed unless noted otherwise (not guaranteed when the rail is excluded). Mitered doors can have center rail upon request (not guaranteed when the rail is excluded).
  • All doors may be cut for glass, unless otherwise noted.
  • Any “Paint Grade” material means: Material is sound with no regard for color match, and all natural defects are acceptable as long as they are sound. Putty fill is also acceptable. Paint Grade materials are listed as Paint Grade Maple, Paint Grade Hardwood, etc. You may choose panels to be MDF or wood (recessed panels excluded). Other materials may be painted but are not guaranteed.
  • Any “Select” material means: Every effort is taken to minimize natural characteristics (pitch pockets, pin knots, and mineral streaks). Since they are a natural occurrence in wood products they are a not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Cherry material will naturally darken, sometimes drastically, when exposed to sun and natural light. This may be enhanced with light and clear finishes and is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Extra sanding steps may be necessary when using dark stains and glazes to ensure an even finish.
  • Cherry, Maple, European Steamed Beech, Pine, and Birch may require treatment with a pre-sealer, especially when using medium to dark finishes, to prevent blotchy or uneven finishing.