Wood is a natural porous material, thus it is effected by environmental conditions. Temperature, moisture, and humidity can cause a door to warp, twist, or crack. To ensure this is minimized, Corona Millworks recommends the following steps be considered when storing, handling, and finishing your doors and drawer fronts.


  • Keep unfinished wood in a temperature controlled environment. Extreme fluctuations in temperature, which often occur on job sites, can cause warping, twisting, and cracking in as little as 24 hours of delivery.
  • Prior to bringing the doors to a job site, we recommend that the structure have all exterior doors and windows installed. This will help bring the structure to occupancy temperature.
  • It is recommended that all plaster and drywall has had at least 2 weeks to dry before bringing the doors in.
  • Do not store doors or drawer fronts directly on concrete, this can cause them to draw in moisture.
  • If possible, store them stacked horizontally on a pallet or raised platform.


  • For best results doors should be finished prior to installing. Finishing after installation may cause uneven application, especially on door tops and bottoms.
  • Apply at least two even coats of finish to the entire door surface – front, back, top, bottom, sides, and any cutouts or details. This will help seal the door from water and moisture.
  • Extra sanding and prep may be needed when applying darker stains and glazes.


  • Once doors and drawer fronts have been delivered and received, Corona Millworks cannot monitor the conditions in which the delivered goods are kept. Please follow the recommendations provided to minimize warping, twisting, and cracking of the delivered goods.
  • Upon delivery items should be inspected for any damage prior to signing the delivery ticket. Claims must be made in writing within 5 days of shipment.
  • Upon approval of a claim doors must be returned to Corona Millworks in their original condition for inspection. Doors and drawer fronts that show signs of neglect, or have been modified in any way will be deemed accepted and void of warranty coverage.
  • If the recommendations listed here are followed, then warping, twisting, and cracking should be minimized.